2013 CES Protect your iPhone 5 – Invisible Phone Shield

Who says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? I’m at CES 2013 at the Las Vegas Convention Center checking out all the latest and greatest in tech gear.

This is a review of the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPad Invisible Phone Guard. Watch as the iPhone is slammed by a hammer, used as a cutting board, and bashed with a walnut cracker.

This shield protects your smartphone or tablet from all kinds of damage. There are lots of phone and tablet accessories on display at CES but these guys are the only ones using both an smart phones and tablets as a cutting board. They have lots of sizes so you can use this with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Galaxy S III, latest Windows 8 tablet – you get the idea. What a serious gadget protector – it even prevents make-up from messing up your phone. Hows that for awesome!

This shield is a great, inexpensive way to protect your phone, iPhone, iPad, android,or any other tablet. Do you currently have a broken screen – well – that’s too late now don’t you agree? Here’s a protective solution if you plan ahead. So be as smart as your phone and prepare for the unexpected. After all, protection is a good thing. Specjunkies can check out all the stats at http://www.invisiblephoneguard.com/

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