2013 CES Recap – Highlights Are 4K, 8K, Samsung, Sharp, 3D & More – CES 2013 Tour With Teleportation

Come with me on a full tour of CES 2013 as I teleport from hall to hall checking out the best of the best… even the craziest booths and products. From LG’s 85″ 8K television to the OhMiBod wireless music driven vibrator, I’m gonna show you CES like you’ve never seen it before… with my VIP teleportation pass! Hang on specjunkies, it’s about to get bumpy.

This is the only CES 2013 teleportation tour ever. I’ve experienced CES like no on else has. And i’m not shy at all – I went right up to the OhMiBod vibrator and grabbed it. Just like a Boss. Samsung 4K screens, 8K screens and 3D screens – I geeked them all.

While at CES 2013 I saw the Lexis car that drives itself. I also saw the Audi car and we all know about the Google car that drives itself – that’s old news.

CES 2013 had all kinds of not only smart phones, but smart phone cases as well. Red iPhone cases and blue andriod cases and even Swarovski cases. Talk about bling for your iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or iPad. There was bling everywhere in CES this year. Bling, bling, bling.

LG was there with smart TV’s and so was Samsung. Smart view app is a new concept from Samsung – they want to be the best app player in your home. You might think that your iPhone 5, or your tablet should be the boss of the home apps – that’s not what CES 2013 was talking about. Samsung said it should be your giant 80 inch TV. Or how about your new 4K screen? What about voice control and gesture control. Now we’re talking.

I saw lots of 4K and even an 8K TV. 3D – so 2012 CES. How are they going to film in 8K? It was a crazy cool picture but we all know that 4K has to come first. Samsung is working hard to bring it on for us – they really put on a show at CES 2013. I would have to say they were the show stoppers – smart TV is finally here! Way to go Samsung – you’re a boss like me.

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